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Welcome House is committed to providing a high quality, moral and open residence program to recovering alcoholics and drug addicts facing the difficult transition from treatment, incarceration and homelessness to complete integration back into society.

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Here at Welcome House, our residents feature many individual success stories. Here are just a couple of our favorites.

A prior Welcome House resident, William eventually found himself in prison. After successful completion of sentence, William returned to our facility where we, again, provided him a solid foundation for potential recovery through the support of his personal interest in cooking. To date, William acts as cook for our entire facility and, earlier this year, was awarded $18,000 in scholarships and grants from one of the regions preeminent culinary schools. Meal time is a real treat around here and we are thrilled with Williams success.

Craig is another resident doing great things. While maintaining residency and recovery, Craig secured a part-time job with a local message delivery service. Through professionalism, accuracy and punctuality, Craig was soon offered full-time employment where he continues to shine. In fact, most recently, he was named “Employee of the Quarter.” Obviously, Welcome House continues to be proud of Craig and his accomplishments.

Jump Start

The Welcome House Jumpstart initiative is a key component of well-rounded recovery work in that it allows individuals entering with scant resources an opportunity to initiate progress and gain self-esteem without amassing in-the-door financial obligations. Through this program, investing up-front in a resident without current ability to monetarily support their own recovery, our organization supplies a foundational base for those at their lowest point offering an opportunity for addicts to immediately contribute to their own success.

In sum, for a period of time extending to two weeks or forty documented hours of in-house work, Welcome House absorbs whatever percentage of rent the recovering individual is unable to pay, bridging the gap between acceptance in our program and when external employment is located. This allows a resident -- during a particularly crucial time -- to focus wholly on their own needs, in a safe environment, with minimal external concerns to distract from personal progress.

Costs potentially adsorbed include those for food, clothes, lodging, group treatment, drug and alcohol testing, local travel, personal supplies or other items necessary to Jumpstart success!"

How to Help

Founded in 1971 to accommodate an initial dozen residents, Welcome House has proudly accomplished the feat of helping nearly ten thousand individuals in their recovery from alcoholism.

With a current developed capacity for greater than eighty full-time clients in a wholly owned facility within the urban core, our organization offers a path to sobriety and dignity through effective programming, employment assistance and job training in an environment where residents traditionally provide a respectable percentage of our overall funding.

While this has allowed a legacy of operation without soliciting support from any governmental agency, overall philanthropic environments are not what they once were and effective casework is not inexpensive. Core endeavors like our “Share-a-Ride” to work initiative and on-site professional job training are in danger of limitation if corporate and private donations cannot be located to further support these and other key enablers to success. As such, we are offering you an opportunity to make a tax-deductible gift in support of our Mission.

But that is not all.
As evidence of our professional priorities and ongoing commitment, Welcome House is willing to restrict up to 100% of funds you contribute solely to program costs. This means that your gift will not be used for liquid items like salary, overhead or indirects but will be permanently and irrevocably assigned to use by our clients in support of their recovery.

We would be grateful to have your help.

Polices & Rules

When working or volunteering in the community, our residents follow a mandated code of conduct to best represent our organization.

Examples include punctuality, courtesy and professionalism with appropriate attire.

At Welcome House, we believe working or volunteering to meet the needs of others directly supports us in satisfying our own.

For full list of Policies and Rules click here.

Our Background

The Welcome House has “welcomed home” thousands of recovering alcoholics and drug addicts during our 40 years of service. Each day we strive to fulfill our mission of being committed to providing a high quality, moral and open residence program to recovering men facing the difficult transition from treatment, incarceration and homelessness back into society as productive citizens.

Historically we have stood out as a beacon of hope in the Kansas City Community, helping thousands of men on their paths to recovery. We help them find sobriety with dignity and compassion, and return as contributing members to our community.

Thank you for your previous support. You have helped make miracles happen. For example:

Will. After serving time in prison, Will came back to the Welcome House for a second time. The Welcome House provided him a solid foundation of recovery. He became our cook. Earlier this year, Will was awarded $18,000 in scholarships and grants from one of the regions pre-emanate culinary schools. What a success story.

Craig. While at the Welcome House, Craig secured a part-time job for a message delivery service. Two months ago Craig began full-time employment with the company and has been recognized as “Employee of the Quarter.” We are very proud of his accomplishment.

There are many other success stories and they all have two things in common. First, if not for the Welcome House, these men would not be in recovery from their disease and on a positive path to a new life. Second, were it not for your financial support of the Welcome House, these miracles would not be possible.

We ask you please consider a donation to the Welcome House. We can assure you that we will put it to good use, helping to make our next miracle happen. We have momentum. Your financial support keeps us gaining.

Thank you!

Scott Klann
Executive Director

Rusty Menaugh
Director of Operations

Jamie Boyle
Resident Manager

Pat Kelly
Kelly's Westport Inn
Board Chairman

Grant Baumgartner
GJB Inc.

Mike Helmuth
RED Brokerage

John Hungerford
BMO Harris Financial

Drew Komenda

Frank Martin
Technology Solutions Group

Rich McArdle

Dr. Thomas Phillips
Orthopedic Clinic

Sam Zollicker
Attorney at Law

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